Zentangle, Doodle, And Mandala Art: What’s The Difference?

Do you love to doodle? Maybe you find zentangles calming and relaxing. Or maybe mandala art is more your thing.

What’s the difference between zentangle, doodle, and mandala art? In this blog post, we will explore the differences between these three popular forms of art.

What Is Zentangle Art?

Zentangle art is a type of art that is created using patterns. These patterns are usually repetitive and can be done using any medium, but are most commonly done with pen and paper. Zentangles were first created by artists Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts in the 1990s as a way to create meditative art.

How To Make Zentangle Art In Four Easy Steps

There are four basic steps to zentangling:

  1. Choose your medium and paper. This can be any type of pen or pencil on any type of paper.
  2. Draw a random shape. This can be any shape you want, but it is usually best to start with a simple shape such as a square, circle, or triangle.
  3. Fill the shape with a pattern. There are endless possibilities for patterns, so get creative! You can use repetitive patterns, geometric shapes, or anything else you can think of.
  4. Connect the shapes. Once you have filled your first shape with a pattern, you can connect it to another shape using a line or curve. Repeat this process until your page is full of zentangles!

What Is Doodle Art?

Doodling is defined as “an aimless or casual scribble, design, or sketch” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

It’s often seen as a mindless activity done when someone is bored, but doodling can actually be quite therapeutic. The act of drawing simple shapes can help to focus the mind and relieve stress.

Doodle art is not constrained by any rules – you can let your imagination run wild and create whatever comes to mind. There are no “correct” or “incorrect” ways to doodle.

This makes it a great form of art for people who are new to drawing, as there is no pressure to produce a “perfect” piece of art.

Doodle art is similar to zentangle art in that it is created using patterns. However, doodle art is usually less precise and more free-form than zentangle art.

How To Create Your Own Doodle Art

Doodle art is all about drawing random patterns and shapes to fill up a space. You can use any medium to create doodle art, but pen and ink is the most popular.

To create doodle art, you don’t need any special skills or training. Just start drawing!

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Start by drawing a simple shape, like a dot or a curved line.
  • Repeat that shape over and over again, varying the size and orientation each time.
  • Add more shapes and patterns, using contrasting colors for added interest.
  • Fill up the entire page! The more chaotic the better.

Doodle art is a fun way to relax and get your creative juices flowing. Give it a try today!

What Is A Mandala?

A mandala is a sacred, geometric figure that represents the universe. Mandalas can be found in all cultures and religions, and they have been used for centuries as a way to connect with the divine.

What Is Mandala Art?

Mandala art is a form of meditative art that originates from Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Mandalas are often circular in shape and can be created using a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, and collage. Mandalas typically contain geometric patterns and symbols that have religious or spiritual significance.

How To Create Your Own Mandala Artwork

Mandala art is created by starting with a dot in the center of a circle. Then, lines are drawn out from the center to the edge of the circle. The next step is to start drawing shapes and patterns within each of the sections created by the lines. Once the basic shapes are complete, more detailed patterns can be added. The final step is to color in the mandala.

Create Your Own Coloring Pages

As zentangle, doodle, and mandala artwork can all be created using pen and paper these black and white drawings make for perfect coloring pages.

You can make copies and give them away to friends, family, or co-workers or you could use your unique drawings to create your very own coloring book!


Zentangle is a specific type of doodling that involves creating repetitive patterns. Mandalas are circular designs that often incorporate geometric shapes. And doodles are simply drawings that can be anything from simple doodles to more complex art.

So, which one should you try? If you’re looking for a relaxing and meditative activity, zentangle or mandala art may be for you. If you’re feeling more playful and want to let your imagination run wild, go for doodling!

Whatever you choose, remember that there are no rules in art. So have fun, and let your creativity flow!

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