Create Amazing Whimsical Art: 27 Text Prompts For AI Art

When it comes to art created using the help of artificial intelligence the possibilities really are endless! But in order to create an amazing work of art you still need to use the right text prompts for AI art generators to work.

In this blog post, I will provide you with 27 text prompts for AI art that will help to give you ideas to create some truly stunning whimsical art of your very own. Let’s get started!

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What Are Text Prompts For AI Art?

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), many of us are now familiar with AI’s potential to create art. But what is a text prompt, and how can it be used to generate AI art?

Text prompts are simple sentences or phrases that serve as directions for creating AI-generated artwork.

The idea is that by providing the machine with these instructions, it will be able to use its creativity, along with the help of an algorithm, to create something unique.

The text prompt can be anything from an abstract phrase like “the beauty of chaos” to more specific directions such as “create a landscape using warm colours.”

How Do Text Prompts For AI Art Work?

Text prompts for AI art are simply words or phrases that provide the basis for machine learning algorithms to generate artwork.

These prompts act as a starting point; they give the algorithm a direction in which to work and allow it to explore various possibilities while creating the artwork.

By providing the algorithm with general ideas or concepts, you can help it produce more interesting and creative results than if it were left to its own devices.

27 Text Prompts For AI Art Image Generators

The below list of text prompts should really help you to get started creating your own whimsical-themed work of art.

Or just give you some starter text prompts if you’re new to AI art generators and just want to have a play around to see what they can really do!

Text Prompt 1 – An enchanted forest of towering trees and glowing lights, with a path leading to an unknown destination. Intricate detail and shapes with a mystical atmosphere.

Text Prompt 2 – A bright, colourful landscape with a winding river and a rainbow arching over it. Impressionist brushwork with vibrant colours and soft edges for a dreamy, ethereal feel.

Text Prompt 3 – A whimsical creature perched atop a flower-covered hill, surrounded by stars and shooting fireworks in all directions. Bold outlines accentuate the character’s features, subtle gradients create depth, and vivid colours bring the scene alive.

Text Prompt 4 – A gnome with an oversized hat walking through a garden filled with vibrant wildflowers and butterflies. Richly saturated colours, intricate details in the environment, and whimsical linework capture the playful energy of the scene.

Text Prompt 5– A whimsical fox playing in an autumnal forest filled with colourful foliage and mushrooms. Artistic Style notes: Bright autumnal hues, inviting depth of field, and organic textures create a sense of warmth and serenity.

Text Prompt 6 – Giant mushroom, surrounded by colourful blooms and flowers, in a lush meadow near a small pond. Soft pastel colours, airy brushstrokes, and bright highlights evoke the feeling of an enchanted forest.

Text Prompt 7 – An enchanted forest filled with vibrant colours, featuring a fairy flying amongst the trees with a magical light emanating from her wand. Expressionist, bright and vivid brushstrokes in an impressionistic manner.

Text Prompt 8 – A whimsical landscape of a meadow, with flowers, rolling hills, and a sky full of stars. Art style: Surrealist, dream-like quality utilizing pastel colours and soft edges to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Text Prompt 9 – A painting of a smiling sun surrounded by cheerful birds and butterflies in an array of joyful hues. Art style: Pop Art, bold lines, and vivid colours are used to create an upbeat feel.

Text Prompt 10 – A surrealist portrait of Santa Claus in an explosion of colour and Christmas cheer. Bold, vibrant colour palette and surreal elements for a magical atmosphere.

Text Prompt 11 – A winter landscape featuring a whimsical, yet cosy cabin in the snow-covered woods with a warm glow emanating from the windows. Soft pastels and dreamy borders for a whimsical feel.

Text Prompt 12 – Two reindeer flying around the night sky with stars twinkling all around them. Wispy line work and subtle textures create a sense of movement and energy.

Text Prompt 13 – A flock of brightly coloured birds, such as parrots, toucans, and hummingbirds, fluttering around a blooming cherry tree in full bloom. The sky should be hazy pale blue and the birds should have cartoonish features with exaggerated colours.

Text Prompt 14 – A smiling sun surrounded by cheerful dandelions and marshmallow clouds in a field of lush emerald grass. The sun should be stylized in an abstract shape with bold yellow rays radiating outwards and the dandelions should be painted in a semi-realistic watercolour style.

Text Prompt 15 – A flock of brightly coloured birds, such as parrots, toucans, and hummingbirds, fluttering around a blooming cherry tree in full bloom. The sky should be hazy pale blue and the birds should have cartoonish features with exaggerated colours.

Text Prompt 16 – A meadow of vibrant wildflowers with butterflies swirling around them. Soft pastel tones while the wildflowers should have bright, vivid colours to contrast against the background.

Text Prompt 17 – An eagle soaring through the sky, its feathers made of wispy clouds. The background is abstract and whimsical deep midnight blue fading to light blues and whites.

Text Prompt 18 – A hot air balloon drifts amongst the clouds, its basket filled with colourful flowers that trail behind it as it moves gracefully through the sky. The background is a tranquil blend of pastels in shades of yellow, pink and blue with an ethereal glow radiating from each cloud.

Text Prompt 19 – A vibrant autumnal landscape featuring a whimsical fairy-like figure with butterfly wings perched on a fallen, multi-coloured leaf. Warm, rich tones and ethereal quality.

Text Prompt 20 – Abstract autumnal elements such as leaves, pumpkins, mushrooms, and acorns arranged in a spiral pattern around the silhouette of a fox with flowing fur.

Text Prompt 21 – The night sky is full of vivid shades of purples, blues and pinks that blend together seamlessly. Dreamlike with soft edges.

Text Prompt 22 – A young child reaches up to touch the stars in the night sky as if trying to catch them in their hand. The stars are rendered in subtle golds and silvers, with streaks of light radiating outwards from each one like sparkling fireflies. Gouache painting, magical and dreamlike.

Text Prompt 23 – A group of animals gathered around a campfire, looking up at the starry night sky. The twinkling stars are clustered together in vibrant shades of blues, purples and pinks. Acrylic painting, fairy-tale inspired and ethereal.

Text Prompt 24 – A woman standing in a field of grass, looking up at the night sky. The sky is painted with swirly starbursts and constellations, illuminated by a bright full moon. Whimsical and surrealistic.

Text Prompt 25 – Small woodland creatures enjoying some seasonal treats together against an autumnal backdrop of colourful leaves and trees.

Text Prompt 26 – A lush green tree surrounded by glowing fireflies in the evening sky. The tree should have vibrant leaves of various shades of yellow, orange, and red. Dreamy and ethereal.

Text Prompt 27 – A tall, ancient tree with its limbs extending outwards in all directions like an octopus. Its trunk is twisted and knotted like the branches of a bonsai tree, while the leaves are in full bloom.

5 Text To Image AI Art Generators For Beginners To Try

If you want to explore some AI text-to-image art tools, then I recommend giving these a try:


There you have it, the quickest and easiest way to create your own stunning whimsical art at home in less than 5 mins!

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, these AI text-to-image art generators are just the thing to take your artwork up a notch and all it takes is some imagination on your part.

I hope you give AI art a try as you really will be amazed at how easy creating amazing artwork can be!

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